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Fast help for Ukrainian people in need of care

The war in Ukraine is causing suffering on a scale we cannot imagine. However, people of all ages affected by the humanitarian catastrophe experience just as much solidarity from neighboring countries.

We therefore ask all facilities to report free capacities to the Ukrainian embassy and to us immediately and to agree to take in sick children and those in need of care at least temporarily.

We help quickly and easily with:

Special transports of people with restricted mobility, those in need of care and their relatives to safe areas as well as the placement of those affected from the war zone to care facilities throughout Germany.

All costs incurred will be borne by us and other supporters.

The help of the international community is in full swing: at the border crossings, long queues are formed with helpers who take the refugees to safe crossing points in mostly private vehicles.

However, this is difficult for people in need of care. And that is exactly where our expertise lies. We -  Christine VoglerSasha Platen  and  Bjorn Zeien  – therefore want to help privately, uncomplicatedly and quickly. Due to our professions, we are in contact with the Ukrainian embassy and nursing homes and coordinate contacts in the country and in neighboring countries who speak Ukrainian.

I can offer the following support

for people in need of care as well as children and adults with special care needs from Ukraine

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Find out more about #health4ukraine

Press release #health4ukraine
fact sheet -  Financial security with accommodation
fact sheet -  Financial security with accommodation
fact sheet -  Financial security with accommodation

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